Monday, 28 November 2016

Latest Osprey Men-at-Arms

Sue and I have visited Croatia (or Hrvatska) many time on cruises to the Adriatic, and when I saw the latest addition to the Osprey Men-at-Arms series (No.508), I had to buy it.

WORLD WAR II CROATIAN LEGIONARIES: CROATIAN TROOPS UNDER AXIS COMMAND 1941-45 has been written by Vladimir Brnardic and illustrated by Viseslav Aralica (ISBN 978 1 4728 1767 9).

It deals with the histories of and the uniforms worn by:
  • The Croat Legion (the 369th Reinforced Infantry Regiment) that served with the German 6th Army, and which was destroyed at Stalingrad.
  • The Italian-Croatian Legion (which was a Light Motorised Battalion) that served as part the Italian Eight Army in Russia, where it was wiped out.
  • The 2nd Croatian Legion, that was attached to the Italian Army for training in the period up to the Italian capitulation and then came under German control.
  • The Croatian Air Force Legion that served alongside the Luftwaffe in Russia.
  • The Croatian Naval Legion that served with the Kriegsmarine in the Black Sea.
  • Various Croatian Anti-aircraft Legions.
  • The Volunteer Anti-Communist Militia.
  • The 369th (Croatian), 373rd (Croatian), and 392nd (Croatian) Infantry Divisions that fought alongside the German Army against the partisans in former Yugoslavia.
  • 13th SS Mountain Division Handschar (Croatian No.1) and 23rd SS Mountain Division Kama (Croatian No.2).
  • Various German-Croatian Police Units
This book compliments the other books produced by Osprey about the war in the Balkans, including PARTISAN WARFARE 1941-45, AXIS FORCES IN YUGOSLAVIA 1941-45,and TITO'S PARTISANS 1941-45, all of which I already own.


  1. I thought this was a good book and as you say compliments the other related Osprey titles.

    1. Simon Jones,

      I love these Ospreys about the more obscure combatants, and trust that they will produce more of this ilk in time.

      All the best,



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