Saturday, 2 November 2019

Modelling barbed wire entanglements

Whilst I am taking a break from painting until after my eye test (which will be taking place next Tuesday), I've been thinking about modelling some scenery or scenic items for my wargames. I happened to be in Chatham very recently, and whilst I was there, I paid a visit to Regal Models. It is situated near the entrance to the Historic Dockyard, and stocks a wide range of models and modelling accessories, including model railway scenery made and supplied by Javis Manufacturing Limited.

Included in the range of items manufactured and sold by Javis is fencing, and as soon as I saw their OO-scale fence posts, I knew that they would be idea for supporting barbed wire on my tabletop battlefields ... so I bought some!

I already have a supply of barbed wire that I bought many years ago from Games Workshop, and as far as I can see, all I need to do is to cut the length of fencing so that it will fit inside my Hexon II terrain hexes, and then glue the barbed wire to the fence posts. I will then have a number of barbed wire entanglements that I can use in my wargames.

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