Thursday, 21 November 2019

Seen at Kronstadt: The ships’ graveyard

Almost the first part of Kronstadt harbour one passes on the way from St Petersburg to the Baltic Sea appears to be a ships’ graveyard. Moored alongside – and seemingly rusting away to oblivion – are a cargo vessel …

… and a derelict Sovremenny-class destroyer, Rastoropnyy (No.420).

The only vessel moored in that part of the harbour that show signs of regular maintenance and that appears to be seaworthy is a small tanker, the Aral.

Aral is 100m long, has a beam of 13m, a draught of 2.3m, and has a top speed of 5.7 knots.


  1. I remember the Sovrememys being new and exciting!

    1. Tim Gow,

      When one looks back, its amazing how many ship designs have come into service, played an active role, and then gone.

      All the best,



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