Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Modelling barbed wire entanglements: The completed models

I cut four of the fence bases to the same length as the prototype before gluing the barbed wire in place on each of them.

I then cut a remaining fence base in half to create the basis for two shorter lengths of barbed wire entanglement ... and then had the idea to glue some of the pieces I had cut off the longer fence bases to create two more shorter barbed wire entanglements. These then had barbed wire glued to them using Superglue.

In the end I managed to make five long (i.e. approximately 10cm/4-inches) and four short (i.e. approximately 7cm/2.75-inches) barbed wire entanglements.

I am rather pleased with the way that they turned out, and hope to make some more when I can buy another batch of fences bases.

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