Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Warship 2021

I have been collecting the WARSHIP annual ever since it was first published in 1977. It started life as a quarterly publication but became an annual in 1989.

This issue was edited by John Jordan, and contains the following article:

  • Editorial
  • Stalin's Super Battleships: The Sovetskii Soiuz class by Stephen McLaughlin
  • The IJN Submarines of the I 15 class by Kathrin Milanovich
  • The Development of the Small Cruiser in the Imperial German Navy (Part II) by Dirk Nottelmann
  • The Italian Aircraft Carrier Aquila by Michele Cosetino
  • The 'Stealth' Frigates of the La Fayette class by Jean Moulin and John Jordan
  • From Greyhounds to Sheepdogs: Home Fleet Destroyers at the Turning Point of the Battle of the Atlantic, Mach-May 1943 by Michael Whitby
  • The Battleship Carnot by Philippe Caresse
  • HMY Victoria and Albert (III) by Ian Sturton
  • Postwar Sonar Systems in the Royal Navy by Peter Marland
  • Chitose and Chiyoda by Hans Lengerer
  • T 53 Duperré by John Jordan
  • Warship Notes
    • Refugee Battleship: The final years of General Alekseev, 1921-1936 by Sergei Vinogradov, translated by Stephen McLaughlin
    • Paris on the Tamar: The Second World War career of the French Battleship Paris by Aidan Dodson
    • The attack on the cruiser Leipzig on 26 March 1945 by Andrei Latkin and Sergei Trubitsyn
    • SMS Leitha: The former Austro-Hungarian river monitor preserved in Budapest by Aidan Dodson
  • A's and A's
  • Reviews
  • Warship Gallery
    • The Trials of U-889 by John Jordan

As usual, there is lots to get my teeth into, and I am looking forward to reading each of the articles, particularly those about the Aquila and the Carnot.

WARSHIP 2021 was edited by John Jordan and published in 2021 by Osprey Publishing (ISBN 978 1 4728 4779 9).

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