Sunday, 6 March 2022

Other people's Portable Wargames

It is some months since I wrote about other people's PORTABLE WARGAMES, and quite a lot has happened in the interim.

First and foremost, the Fast Play 3 x 3 Portable Wargame (or FP3x3PW) has come to the fore, thanks to Mark Cordone. It has since been taken up by quite a number of players, and a variety of variants have appeared on the group's Facebook page.

The most recent additions have been Mark's Operational-level World War Two variant ...

The opening move of Mark Cordone's refight of the Battle of Rostov ...
... and the situation at the end of Turn 3 of the battle.

... and Mike Taber's ideas for pre-generated terrain layouts.

I have already 'signed up' Mark's latest rules for inclusion in the PORTABLE WARGAME COMPENDIUM, and I certainly want to include Mike's ideas as well if it is at all possible.

As work to the PORTABLE WARGAME COMPENDIUM ... it continues at a slow but steady rate. Thanks to my recent COVID-19 infection, I am still finding it difficult to concentrate at times, but each day I seem to be able to do a bit more.

Please note that the images featured above are © Mark Cordone and Mike Taber.


  1. Hoo boy, COVID-brain will stick with you for a while. A friend of ours (a young lady in her 30s) got covid early in the pandemic and it took her a while to shake off the after effects. Keeping your brain busy may help recovery.

    1. Mr. Pavone,

      COVID certainly can leave one physically and mentally weakened, and it seems to be taking my wife and me time to get back to normal. We are taking it slowly and steadily, and each day we seem to be a little bit better.

      All the best,



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