Sunday 21 April 2024

Budget Model Railways YouTube channel

During my enforced time in bed, I’ve been watching a number of YouTube video channels, including the one entitled BUDGET MODEL RAILWAYS. In fact, I’ve rather binge watched them as I like the fact that they tend to be short (I would estimate each video’s duration to be between five to fifteen minute) and fun to watch. The creator is very enthusiastic about his hobby, and over the seven years he has been making and uploading videos, he has built many different layouts in different scales.

Unlike some railway model videos, these are not ‘look at the fantastic detail of my model layout that has taken me ten years to build’ ones: these are ‘if you want to model railway, just get on and do it’ videos. That is not to say that his layouts are slapdash in any way, but they are built to a budget and use second-hand or cheap materials whenever possible. For example, one of the baseboards he used was built by glueing cardboard boxes together for strength and lightness and others were made from old shelves.

Sue refers to this YouTube channel as BODGE IT MODEL RAILWAYS, and in some ways she’s right … but you cannot fault the creator’s enthusiasm, his output, and his downright enjoyment of his hobby.

The creator also runs a very small, part-time business producing a variety of 3D-printed items, including an 009 locomotive body and rolling stock kits. They all seem to be reasonably priced for what you get.


  1. Thank goodness for the internet at times like these! And for good partners. Keep on healing Bob.

  2. Keeping that mind keen and happy is good, hoping you get more comfortable soon chap

  3. Good to hear you keeping active (at least your fingers and brain). Hope things improve steadily for you.

  4. Bob, you have certainly had a run of very bad luck and I can only continue to wish you well as you recover from the after effects of the fall. I know that hospital well as our youngest daughter was born there when it was all pretty new (22 years ago).

    I also watch that channel and I agree about the guys enthusiasm and approach to the hobby. I must admit that I'm attracted to the detailing and landscaping side and what can be achieved in N Gauge in a small space such as just 4'long x 8" wide. This young man (link below), has really inspired me to build my layout (in progress), and what I like is the fact that it presents a kind of puzzle as an operating challenge. I have watched his entire series describing the build several times now but thought you might enjoy this shunting challenge video as you rest in bed there :)
    All the best,

  5. I always like to see people who are enthusiastic and enjoying low budget alternatives to the fancy professional high-quality setups. I mean, both are good for entertainment and enjoyment, but for some (many?) of us the former might be more attainable. ("bodge it" tickles my funny bone ha ha)
    Best wishes, Bob!


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