Saturday 13 April 2024

On my way to Salute ...

By the time my regular blog readers are reading this blog post, I should be well on my way to SALUTE!

I have to drive through the Blackwall Tunnel to get to ExCel, find somewhere to park, collect my mobility scooter (again, many thanks to Martin Gane and the South London Warlords for arranging this for me!), and make my way to the show's entrance.

I am hoping to spend some time just looking around the various games that are on show as well as the trader's stands and, if possible, to listen to some of the speakers that have booked. I also want to meet up with as many of my fellow wargaming bloggers as I can. Last year we had a picture taken ...

... and it would be nice if we could repeat this again this year.

Assuming that my camera or phone work alright, I hope to be able to write a photo-heavy blog post about SALUTE early next week.


  1. Good that you are attending the Show- hope you can do another group photo with you in it. have an enjoyable time. KEV.

  2. Looking forward to your pix of the day's events.

  3. Did you make it to the show, Bob? We missed you at Ray's 'meet-up', but maybe you had gone home before 2pm. Hope you had a good day!

  4. I was looking out for you Bob,, you didn't run over my feet after all?


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