Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Please note that I have now changed my settings so that any comments have to be moderated.

I have done this because it is the only way I can find to make sure that I don't miss a comment made by a visitor. It also means that I can ensure that I reply to comments that visitors have taken time and effort to make.


  1. Bob -

    In addition to moderating comments, you can also configure Blogger to send you an e-mail when people post a comment. That's what I do on my blog.


  2. I tried to configure Blogger to do exactly what you suggest, but for some reason it would not save the new settings. The only way I could get it to send me an email notification was to configure it so I had to moderate any comments.

    Once things settle down after Christmas I will try to re-configure it as you suggets.


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