Thursday 18 December 2008

Table Top Battles - Jigwar terrain boards

Having painted and prepared two sets of Jigwar terrain boards for the TABLE TOP BATTLES wargames rules, I contacted ESSEX MINIATURES (the original manufacturers) to see if they had any Jigwar terrain boards left in stock.

The product had sold quite well when it was introduced but due to technical problems with the manufacturing process it was withdrawn some years ago. Unfortunately I was too late to buy the remaining stock of terrain boards - they sold the last stock three months ago.

I have a few unpainted and unmarked Jigwar terrain boards left, but a few spares would have been nice.

C'est la vie!


  1. This might be a stretch but there is an interlocking floor tile system for kids(12"x12") that works like the jigwar tiles. Its made of a dense foam rubber and comes in colors. I have some friend who ordered a bunch of white tiles for their kids room and the thought crossed my mind that it might make a decent gaming surface if painted or flocked. I'll contact them to find out who they got them from.


  2. The possibility of using these tiles for making terrain has been discussed on The Miniatures Page. I understand that they will 'take' acrylic emulsion paint, and being foam they can be dropped without much fear of damage. I suppose that it would also be possible to use pins to fix foam hills and other terrain features on to them.

    I await further informaion as you get it.


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