Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Table Top Battles - Some further thoughts on adapting the rules for mid-20th century warfare

I had hoped that at some time today I would be able to play-test my adaptation of the TABLE TOP BATTLES wargames rules for warfare in the mid-20th century. However the virus I have now had for over a week and the need to prepare for this evening’s festivities have not made that possible. It has, however, given me time to think about what Stand Points Values to give each stand and the weapon ranges I will use.

I intend to allocate Stand Points Values as follows:
  • 1 point: Poor General and Militia Infantry
  • 2 points: Average General, Light Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Conscript Infantry, and Artillery
  • 3 points: Exceptional General, Medium Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Cavalry, and Regular Infantry
  • 4 points: Heavy Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Elite Infantry
I intend to use the following weapon ranges:
  • Infantry Weapons: 2 hexes
  • Armoured Fighting Vehicle Weapons and Anti-tank Artillery: 4 hexes
  • Artillery: 6 hexes
With any luck I should be able to try these ideas out in a play-test tomorrow.

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After adding this entry to my blog I realised that it was actually the 50th entry I have made since I started ... and I managed to add it on the last day of 2008!

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