Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Joseph Morschauser - Images of some of his games

The following two images of wargames played on a gridded tabletop are from Joseph Morschauser's HOW TO PLAY WAR GAMES IN MINIATURE.

The original caption reads as follows: Will the fort fall? The war gamers who fought this battle used 54mm figures mounted on 4" trays with various numbers of figures on each tray. In the foreground is the "Great Wall of Morobad" plaster cast.

The original caption reads as follows: A thin red line of British soldiers prepares to meet the assault. The figures include Somerset Light Infantrymen and cannon made by Britains in 54mm.

The following three images of wargames played by Joseph Morschauser on a gridded tabletop are from Donald Featherstone's ADVANCED WAR GAMES.

The original caption for these photos reads as follows: Gridded war-games tables - set out by American war-gamer Joseph Morschauser.

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