Sunday, 28 March 2010

Card-driven Turn Sequences: Even more thoughts

Having had time to sit and digest the latest test results – and in response to a very well argued comment that the disparity of results due to the differences in Command Abilities was too great – I have reconsidered the number of different levels of Command Ability are decided to reduce them to three. They would be:
  • Good = 5
  • Average = 4
  • Poor = 3
In theory this should mean that a 'Good' commander should be able to activate 83.33% of their units, an 'Average' commander 66.66%, and a 'Poor' commander 50%. The disparity in the result should be much less than those generated by having four or five levels of Command Ability.

Something more for me to test ...


  1. Bob,

    I think that this is a wise move. It is too easy to overcomplicate things or to get too detailed.

    -- Jeff

  2. Bluebear Jeff,

    I hope to trial my 'simple' solution later today on my 'test bench' (i.e. spreadsheet) and publish what I hope will be my final design later today or early tomorrow.

    All the best,