Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I need a name for my new imagi-nation: The situation begins to resolve itself

The general feedback that I have received so far indicates that Maldacia is currently the front runner to be the name for my new imagi-nation.

As Xaltotun of Python stated in his feedback, ‘Maldacia sounds ill-omened. Dacia was an old Balkan state that took on the Romans – see Trajan's Column – and mal means bad/ill, as in a malady, so 'Bad/Ill Dacia'.’ This neatly fits the bill because the original intention was that this new imagi-nation would be a potential enemy for Laurania to fight.

I have played around with the name Maldacia to see if I can ‘improve’ it at all. My results so far look like this:
  • Maldavia – This sounds a bit too much like Maldives for my liking
  • Moldacia – Again, this sounds a bit too much like a real country – Moldova – to work effectively as a name for an imagi-nation
  • Muldacia – This just does not sound right!
  • Malcadia – If Arcadia is some sort of rural utopia, would Malcadia be its dystopian counterpart? This has possibilities but …
On the face of it Maldacia still seems to be the most likely name for my new imagi-nation, with Malcadia as a possible second choice.


  1. Muldacia does sounds not that bad to me, but *Spanish*.
    Btw 'mol' = flabby / listless / sluggish / soft: more amusing than threatening; and Moldavia exists in 'The Real World™'.
    Somehow "..cadia" does not sound very 'Middle or Eastern Europe'?
    Maldacia emerges from the lot...

  2. Abdul666,

    Maldacia does seem to be emerging as the front runner as the name for my new imagi-nation, and unless I get a sudden inspiration from another source, it is very likely to be my final choice.

    All the best,


  3. Ogrefencer,

    No doubt Slagoyuvia will be appearing on a tabletop near you soon!

    Long Live Maldacia!

    Down with Slagoyuvia!

    All the best,