Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Nugget 234

I posted the latest issue of THE NUGGET yesterday, and it should be with full members of Wargame Developments by early next week.

I had hoped to upload the PDF versions of THE NUGGET and THE NUGGET COLOUR SUPPLEMENT to the Wargame Developments website today, but problems with the web authoring software are presently making that difficult. I hope to solve the problems tomorrow so that they will be available by the weekend.


  1. My copy arrived today, Bob. The Post Office are excelling themselves lately!

  2. Mike de Snorbens,

    That is very good service!

    In London it can take a week for a First Class letter to travel less than a mile from sender to addressee; I know because it happened to me very recently.

    Nice to know that they can get it right in some parts of the country!

    All the best,