Saturday, 15 May 2010

I have been watching ...

Despite lots of good intentions, I have just not felt well enough to do much in the way of wargaming for the past few days. My cold seems to have seriously eroded my ability to think logically for more than a couple on minutes at a time, so yesterday I sat down to watch some DVDs that I bought a couple of weeks ago ... and that turned out to be a bit more of an effort than I bargained for.

That is not to say that the DVDs are not good; in fact they were very entertaining. The problem was that neither was made in English and I had to read the subtitles to understand most of what was being said ... and this required a degree of concentration that I was somewhat lacking.

The DVDs in question were THE BRIDGE ...


THE BRIDGE tells the story of a group of German schoolboys who are drafted into the Wehrmacht to defend a vital bridge near where they live. The NCO who was supposed to lead them deserted ... and was shot by the Military Police. They were then left to their own devices, and did their best to hold up the advancing Allies. After most of them were killed, the single survivor gave up and returned home.

MAX MANUS: MAN OF WAR is a fictionalised account of the part Max played in the Norwegian resistance to the German occupation of Norway during World War II. The film begins with his service as a volunteer during the Winter War between Finland and the USSR, and then moved on to his part in the early resistance movement in and around Oslo. Although he was captured, he escaped and managed to get to the UK via Sweden, where he joined the Norwegian Free Company. After being commissioned into the Norwegian Army he was trained as a commando and saboteur, and then returned to Norway to help lead and train members of the resistance. He survived the war – unlike most of his friends – and returned to civilian life and became a successful businessman.

Both of these DVDs were – in the own different ways – good to watch, and when I am feeling better I intend to watch them again.


  1. Sorry to hear you've not been well - I was stricken by a cold/flu thing a couple of weeks ago.

    Oddly I have both of these DVDs but I haven't got round to watching either of them as yet!


  2. Tim,

    The problem is that I cannot seem to shake this virus off. Every time I seem to get better, it comes back again.

    As to the DVDs ... they are both quite good in their own ways, and whilst I will not watch them again and again, they will certainly be worth viewing several times.

    All the best,



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