Tuesday, 11 May 2010

More thinking about COW

I have had a chance this morning to have a long think about what I want to offer by way of a session at COW2010 (Wargame Developments annual Conference of Wargamers 2010), and decided that it will be a heavily Morschauser-biased session.

I intend to start with a brief description of Joseph Morschauser and his rules. This will include a bit about his time gaming alongside Gerard de Gre, but will concentrate on the rules he published in his book as well as the Ancient rules that used a 1-inch squared grid, and – most importantly – on his 'Frontier' rules. As far as I can find out, it is games played using these rules that are featured in the famous series of photographs that Donald Featherstone included in his book ADVANCED WAR GAMES.

I will then describe the basic elements of his rules, and if time permits (and I don't think that that will be a problem) I hope to stage several battles using his 'Frontier' rules. These will probably be done using 15mm figures, but if I can find larger scale figures that will fit the bill I may well use them instead.

I also hope to take along the current version of my Morschauser-inspired Interbellum rules for attendees to try out.


  1. Bob
    Can you let me have some chat for inclusion on the programme?

    Many thanks

  2. Tim,

    Will do as soon as I have finalised everything (probably by the weekend).

    All the best,



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