Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Virtual Dice

I know that I should be redrafting my INTERBELLUM rules but ...

I decided to search through the various iPhone applications (or 'apps' as I now have to call them) to see if I could find some that might be some to wargamers, and I found several that simulated the throwing of dice.

After some trial and error I finally chose Virtual Dice by Zach Winkler. This is a free 'app' (which was one of its 'selling' points!) and the user can chose to roll up to five D6 dice at any one time. Furthermore, the user has the choice of either pressing an on-screen button or shaking the iPhone to get it to throw the dice.

I don't know if I will use this new 'app' whilst gaming ... but you never know!


  1. Watch out Bob - you could be at tha top of a slippery slope - next you'll be playing computer games and neglecting the toy soldiers...


  2. Tim,

    In the words of Gilbert and Sullivan 'Never ... well hardly ever!'

    All the best,


  3. The fact that you can shake the phone itself to create the roll is somehow a little creepy to me.

    The Lone (apparently) Dinosaur

  4. Chris,

    I must admit, it does feel rather odd ... and looks rather unusual to anyone who may be watching!

    I suspect that it is going to be one of those things that looked like a good idea at the time but that I will never actually use.

    All the best,


  5. Bob,

    Further to our chat on Tuesday:
    five iPhone Aps already available at the iTune store might be of interest:

    1. D20 Dice Pro - Any size die or combinations, fully animated with sound effects right on your iPhone.
    2. Dicebag - Another dire rolling Ap-not quite as flashy as D20 Dice Pro, but worth a look.
    3. Randomizer-This little Ap has some real application for original game design from RPG to miniature wargames.
    4. Army Men- A complete set of sound effects for the table top battle!
    5. Red Baron- Complete WWI air sound effects simulating engines sounds in dives, level flight, and climbs, plus a rat-a-tat Machine gun.

    Male anon

  6. Robertpeel999,

    Thanks very much for the heads-up about these 'apps'. I will have a look at them as soon as possible to see if I can use them.

    All the best,



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