Saturday, 1 May 2010

I saw this ... and it gave me an idea

My wife and I had to visit Lakeside in Essex today, and whilst I was there I managed to get into the branch of Modelzone that is located in the Shopping Mall that forms part of the complex.

Whilst there I saw several examples of Italeri's range of 1:72nd scale 'Fast Assembly' kits. One that particularly caught my eye was the M3 75mm Half Track.

What I liked about this range of models was that:
  • There are two in each box.
  • They are obviously designed for wargamers (i.e. the have some detail but are also robust).
  • This particular model could be made up with or without the 75mm gun being fixed into the back of the vehicle.
Now I will have no problems finding a use for the model half tracks, but it was the guns that really took my eye ... and gave me an idea.

I have been thinking of building a coastal defence battery for my Laurania Interbellum project, and it struck me that these guns would be ideal. Mounted on suitable pedestal mounts, these guns will fit nicely into the Hexon II fortifications that I planned to use for the coastal defence battery. With 15mm gun crews they will be able to represent larger than 75mm calibre guns (in 15mm scale they would be 104mm/4.1-inch guns).

Judging by the simplicity of the guns in the model kits, building them should be a matter of a few minutes work, after which all they will need is a paint job.


  1. Bluebear Jeff,

    I must admit that I was very pleased to have found it, especially as I did not know that Italeri made this particular model.

    All the best,


  2. Is it the T19 (a curious "thing" I found in the Command Decision OoB)?

    Something that was quickly replaced by the Priest (105mm)

    The thought of picking one up in metal was scary.

    Two in plastic indeed a nice affordable find :)

  3. Geordie an Exiled FoG,

    The M3 is similar but not the same as the T19. The M3 was a 'stop gap' tank destroyer (it was armed with a version of the old French 75mm gun) that was developed and used by the Tank Destroyer units of the US Army until the full-tracked M10 came along. The M3 was used in North Africa and Italy (by the US) and also in the Pacific (by the USMC).

    The T19 was armed with an M101 105mm howitzer, and was also a 'stop gap' pending the delivery of the Priest.

    Having looked at the model of the M3, it would appear that to convert it to a T19 would be quite simple; just replace the 75mm gun and shield with an M101 105mm howitzer and shield ... et voila!

    All the best,



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