Tuesday, 30 November 2010

It snowed ... but still no 'phone call yet!

As predicted, it snowed last night. In fact it is still snowing now, and looks likely to carry on doing so for some time. Things at school seem to be somewhat confused (a euphemism for chaotic), with students and staff straggling in as and when they can. Classes appear to be taking place, but I doubt if much teaching and learning is.

When I finally managed to get to work this morning (I was delayed by the fact that the gritter lorry that was trying to clear the road outside my house got tangled up with a bus coming the other way, with the result that nobody went anywhere for over thirty minutes ... and no further buses will run on the route until the snow clears), I had missed the weekly staff briefing ... but I was informed that the much awaited 'phone call from Ofsted had not taken place. This means that the earliest they can come in is Friday ... but as inspections take two days, it means that they will not be arriving until Monday next at the earliest!

I do not intend to spend my weekend writing more lesson plans that might not be needed; instead, I intend to do some wargaming and/or modelling ... I hope!


  1. The tension is unbearable... and I'm just reading about it! It's hard to see how so much disruption and stress could possibly be regarded as a positive thing.

  2. BigLee,

    I have yet to find anyone who thinks that the whole school inspection process is a positive experience for those who are inspected. Its real purpose seems to be to justify various political agendas.

    All the best,


    PS. If someone was to set up Ofstpol (the Office for Standards in Politics), I must admit that I might consider applying for a job ... but of course, that will never happen.

  3. Just get ready to put your battle rattle on, and remember the USMC "adapt, improvise and overcome".



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