Sunday, 14 November 2010

My Megablitz units: USSR – 7th Artillery Division

In most of my Megablitz wargames, the 66th Army has almost always been supported by the 7th Artillery Division. This is based on the real 7th Breakthrough Artillery Division, that was raised in 1942 and that took part in the Stalingrad campaign.

My 7th Artillery Division consists of:
  • 7th Artillery Division HQ (Command figure)
  • 7th Artillery Division Reconnaissance Group (Spotter figure)
  • 701st Supply Column (Truck)
  • 7th Howitzer Regiment (152mm Howitzer + Tractor)
  • 11th Howitzer Regiment (152mm Howitzer + Tractor)
  • 25th Howitzer Regiment (152mm Howitzer + Tractor)
Notes on the figures, weapons, and vehicles:
My Megablitz 7th Artillery Division was put together from a variety of different sources:
  • Most of the figures are from the 20mm Russian World War II range produced by Skytrex.
  • The 152mm Howitzers are Skytrex models (originally sold as French 155mm Howitzers).
  • The tractors are scratch-built models. The tracks are from ROCO Minitank Pzkpfw IVs, the cabs and radiator grills are from Airfix trucks, and the cargo sections are made from parts of various railway rolling stock kits. The rest is ordinary bits and pieces of Plasticard.
  • The truck is a modified Majorette Ford A truck.

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