Tuesday 9 November 2010

Simple model ironclads

I have been thinking about how to build suitable models for my play-test of my MEMOIR OF BATTLE AT SEA (1860 - 1870) naval wargames rules. The models need to look reasonably like the prototypes, but have to fit into a 10cm hex. At the same time, I hope to make them not look too out of place alongside 15mm-scale figures.

After some deliberation, I came up with the following designs. The first design is for a small Casemate Ironclad ...

... and the second is a design for a Double-Turret Ironclad.

Both models are designed to be 8cm long and 4cm wide.

They are not ideal designs, but they are a good starting point for further development. I would like to make the models slightly larger (i.e. 10cm long and 5cm wide) but this might make them look too big for the individual hexes that make up the Hexon II hexed terrain.

PS. My thanks go to Tim Gow, who pointed out that the images were transposed when I initially uploaded this blog entry!

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