Sunday, 28 November 2010

The War of the Pacific

In February 2009 I bought a wonderful book from Caliver Books about the uniforms worn by the Bolivians, Peruvians, and Chileans during 'The War of the Pacific'. The book was entitled UNIFORMES DE LA GUERRA DEL PACIFICO 1879 – 1884, and just looking at the marvellous colour pictures of the uniforms gave me great pleasure.

Since then I have been on the lookout for further books about this was, and when the latest catalogue arrived in the post from Caliver Books I discovered that they had a stock of William F Sater's ANDEAN TRAGEDY: FIGHTING THE WAR OF THE PACIFIC, 1879 - 1884 (University of Nebraska Press [2007] ISBN 978 0 8032 2799 6) ...

... and the newly published English-language edition of UNIFORMES DE LA GUERRA DEL PACIFICO 1879 – 1884. This book is called UNIFORMS OF THE PACIFIC WAR 1879 - 1884: THE LAND CAMPAIGN and has been translated and edited by Anne Farnsworth, Ron Poulter, Doriam Montana, and Henry Hyde. It is published by Partizan Press (the imprint of Caliver Books [2010] ISBN 978 1 85818 612 2).

Needless to say, I bought both, and they arrived in the post yesterday. Thanks to pressure of work I only managed to have a quick flick through them when they arrived, and I hope to set aside some time later this week to give them both a long and lingering perusal.


  1. Hi Bob,

    Savor the moments when you're reading! There's nothing like soaking up information that you've been waiting for a long time.



  2. All the best to you at work this week...


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