Friday, 12 November 2010

Simple model ironclads: The first prototype

Well, I have just finished assembling my as yet unpainted prototype ... and although it has not turned out quite how I expected, it certainly proves that the concept is worth pursuing.

The finished prototype 'at sea' on some Hexon II sea hexes. The 15mm-scale figure gives some idea how big (or small) the model is ... and proves that the casemate is probably too tall, and the funnel both too thick and too far forward. The prototype will probably end up as a self-propelled floating battery!
The basswood I used for the hull was wider than on the original plan, which has made the ship appear shorter and fatter than expected. Likewise, the casemate (which is also made from strips of basswood) is taller than on the original drawing, and the funnel has ended up too thick and too far forward. She is a bit of a dog's breakfast ... but she will pass muster as a prototype, and I already have ideas about how to improve the design.


  1. Bob
    It looks as if you could pretty well halve the height of the casemate and apply a similar factor to the dimensions of the funnel. The main thing is it fits in the hex and looks like an ironclad, so you're most of the way there. I look forward to seeing the next one hurtling down the slipway.

  2. Tim Gow,

    I am thinking along similar lines. Using slightly thinner strips of basswood to construct the casemate would reduce its height and improve the whole look of the ship, and a thinner funnel as well would make it look a little less top heavy.

    With bit of luck, the next one will be 'launched' very soon indeed!

    All the best,