Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Megablitz units: Germany – 15th (Luftwaffe) Field Division (1943)

My German Megablitz forces include the 15th (Luftwaffe) Field Division. This was formed towards the end of 1942 in southern Russia. It was also known as Division Sudost. It took part in the battles around Rostov in January 1943, where it suffered heavy casualties. It was attached to 6th Army, and helped defend the Mius River before being withdrawn to the Dnepr River. Its survivors were used to re-build other units, and the 15th (Luftwaffe) Field Division had effectively ceased to exist by September 1943.

My Megablitz 15th (Luftwaffe) Field Division consists of:
  • HQ (Staff Car + Command figure)
  • 15th Divisional Supply Column (Luftwaffe) (Truck)
  • 29th Jäger Regiment (Luftwaffe)
    • I/29th Jäger Battalion (Luftwaffe) (Infantry)
    • II/29th Jäger Battalion (Luftwaffe) (Infantry)
    • III/29th Jäger Battalion (Luftwaffe) (Infantry)
  • 30th Jäger Regiment (Luftwaffe)
    • I/30th Jäger Battalion (Luftwaffe) (Infantry)
    • II/30th Jäger Battalion (Luftwaffe) (Infantry)
    • III/30th Jäger Battalion (Luftwaffe) (Infantry)
  • 15th Artillery Regiment (Luftwaffe) (75mm GebK 15 Mountain Gun + Pack Mules)
  • 15th Panzerjager Battalion (Luftwaffe) (37mm PaK 36 AT Gun)
  • 15th Fusilier Company (Luftwaffe) (Infantry)
Notes on the figures, weapons, and vehicles:
My Megablitz 15th (Luftwaffe) Field Division was put together from a variety of different sources:
  • Most of the figures are from the 20mm German World War II ranges produced by FAA and SHQ, although there is also one made by Skytrex.
  • The 75mm GebK 15 Mountain Gun is actually a 15mm-scale World War I heavy gun made by Peter Laing.
  • The 37mm PAK gun is a Skytrex model.
  • The vehicles a modified Airfix Opel Blitz (it has been fitted with a Bedford truck cab) truck and a resin-cast Austin ‘Tilley’.


  1. Ah, the mighty LFD - nice to see it again.

  2. Tim Gow,

    It may be c**p ... but it is still my favourite of the three units! It has always fought well before being destroyed.

    All the best,


  3. Hmm - I think you are managing your own expectations by using the words 'always' and 'destroyed' in the same sentence...

  4. Tim Gow,

    The Division has an impeccable record; every time it has seen action it has fought bravely ... and been wiped out ... just like the real 15th (Luftwaffe) Field Division.

    All the best,


  5. Always good to see the LFD(s) getting some recognition on the tabletop.

    In the meantime, I wish you a speedy recovery. Seems like the last couple of weeks have really brought the illnesses round.


  6. Paul Leach,

    Thank you for your kind words. I am feeling much better now, and although I am not back to 100% fitness, I am getting there.

    A lot of my wargames armies seem to contain these sorts of units. Years ago I realised that if you wanted to get a game at a wargames club, you did not turn up with lots of elite units; you turned up with run-of-the-mill units because people would think 'I can beat them' and would be only too willing to give you a game. Although I mostly game solo now, the habit of building up 'normal' rather than elite units has stuck.

    All the best,


  7. Nice compendium of materials that befits a Luft FD

  8. Geordie an Exiled FoG,

    Well the Megablitz unit was raised in a similar way to the original; 'What have a got left in the box of bits and pieces? That will do for a Luftwaffe Field Division!'

    All the best,