Thursday, 17 February 2011

The portable wargame: The latest draft of the rules

I managed to spend an hour this evening re-drafting the heavily Morschauser-influenced rules I have been using with my portable wargame. The main purpose of the re-draft was to include new rules that related to:
  • The use of 'Risk Express' dice (called 'activation dice' in the rules) to determine how many Units of each type a player can move each turn.
  • The pre-battle deployment of Units in both 'one off' and campaign battles.
  • Native Infantry and Cavalry Units being able to make double-length moves if the player commanding them wishes to use two Unit 'activations' to move one Unit rather than moving two.
I hope to play-test this new draft of the rules sometime over the half-term holiday that takes place next week.


  1. Dear Bob,

    Once the rules become available (hint hint) I'm going to try them using 1859 Austrians and French, to see if they will work for non-colonial battles. I'll let you know.

    Best regards,


  2. Chris,

    I can take a hint, and will make an announcement on my blog when the final draft is available.

    My next play-test may well see Austrians pitched against Prussians ... so an Austro-French clash would be interesting to hear more about.

    All the best,