Monday, 21 February 2011

The portable wargame: The experiment went wrong ... but it should now be working!

Well the link to Google Docs did not work ... so I have used an older but more reliable method in its place. The rules can now be downloaded as a pdf from the following link:
Frontier/Musket Wargames Rules for use with a chessboard battlefield

PS. I have amended the link from my previous blog entry just in case someone tried to use it!


  1. Glad to report that normal service has been resumed Bob, and the file opens and downloads effortlessly.


    Has Sue given you the IPad back yet, or are you going to buy a second machine?

  2. Tone,

    Thanks for letting me know that the link is working.

    I still have the iPad ... just ... but because Sue has discovered that some of the things she uses are not any different on the iPad from the way they are on the iPhone (i.e. the graphics are the same size, and become unclear when enlarged) she is currently sticking with the iPhone. However, things can change ... and probably will ...

    All the best,


  3. Bob,

    I've now downloaded the rules successfully - thanks for making them available to all of us who are avidly following your development of the portable wargame concept! - and plan to develop my own Napoleonic, and possibly also ECW, versions.

    The features of your rules I really enjoy are their brevity; absence of unnecessary illustration and colour - hence extremely printer-friendly if one is going to print off copies to alter/annotate for other periods - and clearly explained, intelligible mechanisms, that one can tinker with without wrecking the whole system. They have many of the virtues of 'old school' rules.

    These admirable qualties appear to be conspicuous by their absence from most wargame rules commercially published recently!


  4. Arthur1815,

    I don't know what to say in reply ... except to say thank you for your very complimentary comments. It is nice to be appreciated.

    I just try to do my best.

    All the best,



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