Saturday, 27 August 2011

I was supposed to be going to ... Military Odyssey

I was supposed to be going to Military Odyssey today, but getting to bed late last night, coupled with the need to complete some urgent paperwork on behalf of my father (for which I had to drive to Maidstone in order to obtain and check information with my brother), meant that by early afternoon – when I might just have been able to get there – another belt of torrential rain had arrived over Kent.

Faced with the prospect of spending yet another afternoon wet and trying to walk about in the mud, I decided not to bother today. I might manage to make it there tomorrow, but the weather forecast is not very good and I may well delay going until Monday ... family and other time pressures permitting.


  1. Just to be annoying - the weather in the North has been nice - even got my lawn cut !.

  2. Mosstrooper,

    But rain would have given you an excuse to stay indoors and play wargames or paint more figures!

    All the best,



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