Thursday, 25 August 2011

Not Quite Mechanised

It has been brought to my notices that Chris Kemp has now started a blog about his NOT QUITE MECHANISED wargames rules and the Russo-German Campaign that he has been fighting for many years.

Like me, Chris was a founder member of 'Wargame Developments', and I took part in the game he staged at Moor Park that proved to be the progenitor of NQM. I was also lucky enough to have taken part in some of the early play-testing, and it was as a result of this that I went on to give some assistance to Tim Gow as he developed his MEGABLITZ rules.

Chris has always been an interesting character, and this is reflected in his attitude to wargaming. His blog (and website) are well worth visiting once in a while just to remind oneself that it is possible to fight wargames (and campaigns) that can be fun.


  1. Dear Bob,

    Thanks for the kind words and the mention of the site. Hope you are both well.

    Kind regards, Chris

  2. Chris Kemp,

    It was my pleasure.

    Sue and I are both well, and I hope that the same is true for both of you.

    All the best,



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