Saturday, 20 August 2011

Where has the morning gone?

By now I had hoped to have fought a battle using my 'new' Cordeguayan 'Napoleonic' armies ... but I have yet to even get the battlefield ready. Where has my morning gone?

Firstly, part of it has been taken up with completing the process of setting up the iPad2 that we have recently bought. This meant that I had to 'sync' my existing iPad with my PC (which involved ensuring that all the 'apps' were up-to-date and that the latest version of the iPad software was installed ... all of which took more time than I expected) and then 'sync' the PC with the new iPad2. Once that was done I then had to ensure that my wife's PC also had up-to-date iPad software and 'apps' (again a very time-consuming process) before I reset the old iPad and then 'synced' it with her PC. I now have an working iPad2 and my wife has an iPad on which she can play her numerous games and store her music.

Having done that, I then had lunch and decided to do my last chore of the day ... install a new toilet seat in the first floor bathroom. Luckily I opened the packaging before I took the old toilet seat off, because when I did open it, the fittings were broken. Interestingly the box was undamaged, and all I can assume is that the fittings were broken before or during the packing process. I will have to return the broken seat to the shop where we bought it; unfortunately, the shop is in Chatham, Kent. I will be driving past the shop early next week, so I will take it back then.

Hopefully I will be able to start my battle very soon ... just as soon as I have found the piece of green felt that I drew the 50mm x 50mm squared grid on!

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