Thursday, 29 August 2013

Insomnia Rules

Last Friday I wrote a blog entry about my recurring problems with insomnia, and how the latest bout had left me with a number of wargame design concepts/mechanisms that I thought might work together.

Although I have been doing lots of other things in the interim (mainly gardening and trying to learn how to use Cyberboard) I have also been trying to turn my ideas into a set of wargames rules. To date my attempts to write a draft set of rules have come to naught. In fact the drafts all showed signs of developing into monsters, and as a result I have decided to put this project to one side.

Experience has taught me that when I am beginning to tie myself up into knots trying to write a set of wargames rules, the best course of action is to stop, leave it alone for at least a week, and then to try again. It is amazing how much clearer ones thinking is when one does this ... and how previous seemingly unsolvable problems seem to fade away.


  1. Being a gamer and insomniac myself Bob- I know what you mean. My trick is to get the thoughts going round my head on to paper, it seems to lighten the load somehow... that way I can just work at them as the mood takes me with out 'carrying' them.

    That or watch late night documentaries- I now know a surprising amount about Octopi....



  2. Pete,

    Quite a few people have suggested putting my ideas down on paper so as to clear my mind ... and it sounds like good advice.

    I have tried watching TV but it seems to make my mind more active rather than less ... although I have never tried watching soap operas, which I do find tiresome!

    All the best,



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