Monday, 12 August 2013

How to organise a campaign: an exemplar

One of the blogs that I follow is the Napoleonic Wargaming blog. This might seem odd to some of my regular blog readers because I do not count that era of military history amongst my favourites ... but Paul Thistlebarrow – who writes the Napoleonic Wargaming blog – has been fighting a number of campaigns over the past few years that are examples of how a wargames campaign should be organised, and I enjoy reading about his campaigns as they unfold.

His campaign rules have been designed so that they can be used by players who could be located anywhere in the world and who input their orders by email. As a result the campaign rules are simple and straightforward, easy to follow and – more importantly – do not bog down the players in unnecessary detail. Furthermore they have been devised so that they integrate well with his tabletop rules. I thoroughly recommend them ... but don't take my word for it ... have a look for yourselves!


  1. I have played in two of his campaigns, doing okay in ne and not so great in the other. RL issues prevent me from play at this present time, though.

    I am copying his terrain matrix for my own personal and familymgaming, or I will when I can afford to make the terrain, that is.

    Unless, of course, I win the Lottery and can just buy Kallistra outright.

  2. Justin Penwith,

    Paul's campaign system seems to have been pared to the bare essentials, and it is that - and his terrain matrix system - that makes me think that it is worth more attention within wargaming. I have taken part in several campaigns that just fizzled out because it became too onerous to take part, but this system seems to be much simpler and straightforward.

    All the best,



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