Sunday, 11 August 2013

A break is a good thing

Just before I went on my latest cruise to the Baltic I had been working on a new draft of my 'Modern' version of Joseph Morschauser's FRONTIER wargames rules. I then spent two weeks away from them ... and when I came back it was if I was looking at them anew, and some of the more obvious errors and omissions were very easy for me to see.

Over the past week I have re-drafted the rules several times (mainly in response to feedback from and online discussions with David Crook) and played through a number of small play-tests of various elements of the rules. These were conducted on the spur of the moment using the board and playing pieces from my MEMOIR '44 collection ... hence the lack of photographs.

I think that the rules are now at a stage where I can play-test them with a larger-scale battle ... and with a bit of luck I might manage that sometime over the next week or so.

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