Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Latest Funny Little Wars publications arrive!

Some time ago I ordered FUNNY LITTLE WARS and LITTLE CAMPAIGNS (both of which were written by the Reverend Paul Wright, Chaplain Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst) from Patrick Wilson at 'The Virtual Armchair General' ... and they arrived today courtesy of USPS!

FUNNY LITTLE WARS was originally published in 2009, and is on sale from 'The Virtual Armchair General' for $40.00.

Front Cover
Back Cover
The book is divided into seven chapters, seven appendices, and several extraneous sections.
  • Chapter One - An historical introduction to H G Wells
  • Chapter Two - Playing Little Wars Yesterday
  • Chapter Three - Playing Little Wars Today (including sections on: 1. What You Need; 2. The Basic Points System; 3. Levels of Command; 4. Victory Points & Objectives; 5. Troop and Figure Types; 6. Basing Your Figures; and 7. Formations)
  • Chapter Four - The Basic Game (including sections on: 1. Basic Precepts; 2. The Game Turn; 3. Movement; 4. Charges; 5. Artillery Fire; 6. Small Arms & Machine Gun Fire; and 9. Melee) [I don't know what happened to 7. and 8.!]
  • Chapter Five - Optional & Advanced Rules (including sections on: Orders & Dispatches; Unknown Terrain; Morale; Quartermasters and Supply; Aerial Observation; Engineers/Sappers; Signalling; Bands & Chaplains; Spies; Field Hospitals; and A Word on Umpires: The last Word)
  • Chapter Six - Some "Top Tips" for the Better Sort of Chap
  • Chapter Seven - Two Classic Scenarios
  • Appendix A: Building an Army
  • Appendix B: Figure & Accessory resources
  • Appendix C: Suggested Bibliography, Further Reading & "Talking Motion Pictures"
  • Appendix D: A New Use For The Garden
  • Appendix E: The Army Lists
  • Appendix F: The Shape of Games To Come
  • Appendix G: A Funny Little War from the Sidelines
  • A Last Word
  • A "Well Done You All Round!" to These Splendid Chaps!
  • The Roll of Honour
  • Game Playing Aids & Record Sheets
LITTLE CAMPAIGNS has only just been published, and it is also $40.00 from 'The Virtual Armchair General'

Front Cover
Back Cover
The book is divided into five chapters, six appendices, and several extraneous sections.
  • Chapter 1 - War Game Campaigns
  • Chapter 2 - The Map Campaign System: A Simple Model
  • Chapter 3 - Some Enhanced Rules for FLW
  • Chapter 4 - The "Ferree-Wilsonian" Computerized Video Battle System
  • Chapter 5 - A Campaign Example, "The Herring War, 1908"
  • A Last Word And Some Sound Advice From HGW
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix 1 - Additional Army Lists
  • Appendix 2 - Miniatures Sources
  • Appendix 3 - Top Tips for Titivating Terrain
  • Appendix 4 - A Lady's Complaint
  • Appendix 5 - "Mentioned in Despatches ..."
  • Appendix 6 - Game Record Sheets

This includes:
  • A four page mock-up of the ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS that relates the history of "The Herring War"
  • The copies of a campaign map
  • Four sheets of map counters (two in red and two in black)
The LITTLE CAMPAIGNS GRAPHIC SUPPLEMENT is also available from 'The Virtual Armchair General' for $12.00.

As yet I have only had the chance to skim through everything that arrived today, but there appears to be a lot of stuff that will be of great interest to me.


  1. Bob,
    I was reading your Posts on 'Little Wars' with much interest. I've recently ordered 'Funny Little Wars' and the second book 'FLW - Campaigns' as well. It will be several weeks before the books arrive though your outline of the contents certainly gives me hope that I've spent the $130 wisely. I'm hoping that the Pardre's work will provide enough light on gaming mechanisms to influence and guide my WW1 Garden Games in 54mm- here is hoping. All the Best. KEV.

    1. Kev,

      I don't think that you will be disappointed. The books contain everything that you need to fight battles and campaigns on your lawn.

      All the best,



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