Thursday, 16 August 2018

I have been to ... the Guernsey Occupation Museum

Besides the La Vallette Military Museum, Sue and I also spent time at the Guernsey Occupation Museum, Les Houards, Forest. The museum developed from the owner's personal collection of Occupation memorabilia, and was originally displayed in a small cottage adjoining his family's home. From these early beginnings in 1966, the museum has been extended and expanded. This expansion began in 1976 when the transport corridor and tea room were added, with the Occupation Street being added in 1987. The most recent extension took place in 2001 when displays and information about the Island's deportees to Germany was added.

When you arrive in the car park you are greeted by a German 88mm Anti-aircraft Gun ...

... and a French 105mm Coastal Defence Gun.

The entrance is 'guarded' by the turret of a French FT-17 Tank.

Amongst its collection, the museum has an interesting selection of German military vehicles, many of which are horse-drawn.

It also contains a recreation of the inside of a bunker with a Czech-built 47mm Fortress Anti-tank Gun.

The museum's collection also includes a large amount of German equipment.

As one would expect there are a lot of exhibits that tell the story of life under German Occupation ...

... as well as the Liberation of the Channel Islands in 1945.


  1. Thanks for sharing these and the other Guernsey Museum photos, interesting.

    1. MIN ManofTin,

      Both Guernsey and Jersey have lots of war-related places to visit, and these photos only give a brief glimpse of what they have to offer.

      All the best,



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