Thursday, 21 February 2019

I have been to ... Cartagena Military Museum: Anti-aircraft Guns

The museum's collection of anti-aircraft guns comprises designed from German, Sweden, and the United States.

Flak 18 88mm Anti-aircraft Gun
The classic German anti-aircraft gun, which was first used in Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

90/50 M1 90mm Anti-aircraft Gun
An American design which saw extensive service during and after the Second World War.

40/70 'Bofors' L/70 40mm Anti-aircraft Gun
Developed from the earlier L/43 and L/60 anti-aircraft guns, this Swedish-design is still in service across the world.

20/120 'Oerlikon' 20mm Anti-aircraft Gun
Developed from the earlier version of this versatile automatic cannon. It was available in twin ...

... and single mountings.

20/70 'Oerlikon' 20mm Anti-aircraft Gun
This automatic cannon was used aboard ships ...

... as well as on land.

Quadruple 12.7mm (0.5-inch) M45 Anti-aircraft Gun
This American quadruple, powered mounting was designed to be carried by a variety of armoured and soft-skin vehicles or towed on a specially-designed trailer. It was introduced into service during the Second World War and was used up to and during the Vietnam War. It is still in service with some countries today.

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