Thursday, 26 August 2021

Nugget 337

I will be collecting the latest issue of THE NUGGET from the printer later today, and I hope to post it out to members tomorrow. In the meantime, members can read this issue ...

... and the Colour Supplement online from the relevant page on the Wargame Developments website.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is the first issue of THE NUGGET to be published for the 2021-2022 subscription year. If you have not yet re-subscribed, a reminder was sent to you some time ago. If you wish to re-subscribe using the PayPal option on the relevant page of the website, you can use the existing buttons as the subscription cost has not changed.


  1. Crikey that’s a woman you don’t want to argue with! 😉

    1. Nundanket,

      She was photographed behind the bar at COW. It’s the only way she could keep the rowdy attendees under control! 😀

      All the best,



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