Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Making progress

Yesterday I was able to make progress on both my FUNNY LITTLE WARS/PORTABLE WARGAME ARMY BLACK and my BALKAN WARS MATRIX GAME CAMPAIGN book.

The artillery and machine gun units that I have been painting for the former (along with a couple of senior commanders who are on foot) have been fixed to their bases and the process of flocking has begun.

The book is split into three parts and I have finished the draft of the first two parts (the first part explains the origins of the Matrix Game and how to play one, and the second part contains the player briefings, maps, and specific rules for the BALKAN LEAGUE MATRIX GAME CAMPAIGN), and I hope to complete the third part (which will contain the BALKAN LEAGUE PORTABLE WARGAME rules) by the middle of the month.


  1. You're on a roll, Bob (not that you're ever not though, really!).


    1. Prufrock (Aaron),

      I certainly seem to have the bit between my teeth at the moment, although today’s sudden change in temperature (it has gone up to 28 degrees today, having been around the 19/20 degree range for the last few weeks) has made my office and toy/wargame room rather hot!

      All the best,



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