Sunday, 5 September 2021

My next Funny Little Wars/Portable Wargame army

Whilst waiting for the gloss varnish on my last FUNNY LITTLE WARS/PORTABLE WARGAME ARMY BLACK units to dry, I began sorting the painted 15mm-scale Minifig American Civil War I have in my collection into units.

The figures have dark blue jackets, light blue trousers, and red kepis, and were originally destined to be used as opponents for the Prussian figures that now make up the bulk of my ARMY BLACK. I never got around to basing them … but that is going to change in the near future. They are going to form the basis of my FUNNY LITTLE WARS/PORTABLE WARGAME ARMY BLUE, and it is likely to be slightly bigger than my ARMY BLACK … for the time being.


  1. Hi BOB,
    Good to hear your progressing well on your FLW Project- I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of Army Black and Army Blue
    in 15mm. Stay safe and well there in London. Cheers. KEV.

    1. Kev Robertson (Kev),

      I hope to get ARMY BLACK finished this week, and part of ARMY BLUE ready by next weekend. The latter will need some cavalry and gunners, and painting them might have to wait until next month.

      Keep safe and keep well,


  2. Hi Bob
    If you’re looking for top-up figures, Warrior Miniatures 15mm are excellent value, and very similar to Minifigs (they may even be the same designer/sculptor ?).
    Looking forward to Army Blue pics.

    1. Martin S,

      Thanks very much for the suggestion. I have had a quick look at the photographs on the Warrior Miniatures website and see what you mean.

      All the best,



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