Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Backstories for my Belle Époque imagi-nations: The Sultanate of Harabia

The Sultanate of Harabia

The Sultanate of Harabia is all that remains of the former ancient Empire of Harabia. Sahel, Zubia, Khakistan, and Khyberistan were formerly part of the empire, but due to a series of prolonged civil wars, it gradually fractured into separate entities until all that remained was present day Harabia.

The flag of the Sultanate of Harabia.

Like Sahel, the position of sultan is not hereditary and is usually occupied by the most powerful of the current military or religious leaders. In the past, several sons have succeeded their fathers as sultan, but this is relatively rare.

The economy of the Sultanate is based on a mixture of semi-nomadic pastoralism, agriculture, fishing, trading, and mining and exporting precious metals and jewels. There are no large-scale industries in Harabia, but each town and the capital city – Galla – has a core of skilled craftsmen in wood and metal.

Inter-tribal and clan warfare occasionally breaks out over the right to use pastureland or the exclusive use of a desert oasis, but the sultan usually responds by sending some troops from his small, full-time professional army to end the fighting.

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