Sunday, 14 August 2022

The Franco-Prussian War of 1810: Wednesday 9th March to 14th March 1810

Turn 4: Wednesday 7th/Thursday 8th Match 1810

As a result of their defeat in the Battle of the Southern Frontier, the French 2nd Division fell back to K10.

  • Black 3: Prussians move G to R5 (1)
  • Black Queen: Prussians move G to P6 (3)
  • Red 2: French move 3rd to E9 (1)

The French 2nd Division recovers 3 SPs.

Turn 5: Friday 9th March/Saturday 10th March 1810

  • Red Jack: French move IG to H4 (1) and 3rd to F9 (1)
  • Black 4: Prussians move G to O6 (1)
  • Black Ace: Prussians move G to N6 (1), 4th to W4 (1), 3rd to T8 (1); the remaining Prussian divisions remained where they were.

The French 2nd Division recovers 3 SPs

Turn 6: Sunday 11th March/Monday 12th March 1810

  • Red 7: French move IG to I4 (1)
  • Black Queen: Prussian move 4th to U5 (3)
  • Red 6: French move IG to J4 (1)

Turn 7: Tuesday 13th March/Wednesday 14th March 1810

  • Black 9: Prussians move 4th to T5 (1)
  • Red King: French move IG to L6 (4) and 3rd to G9 (1)
  • Red Ace: French move IG to M6 (1), 1st to M5 (1), 3rd to H9 (1), 4th to J11 (1), and 2nd to K9

The French Imperial Guard Division has moved into a square that is adjacent to that occupied by the Prussian Guard Division and the French 1st Division has moved into a square that is adjacent to the that occupied by the Prussian 1st Division. The French divisions attack them.

To be continued ...


  1. I'm looking forward to the battle reports.

    1. Mark Cordone,

      Gary Sheffield and I hope to fight the two linked battles in about a week or so. You can be sure that the battle reports will appear on my blog as soon afterwards as possible.

      All the best,


  2. I am also looking forward to seeing how the battles affect the overall situation Bob

    1. Maudlin Jack Tar,

      An overall French victory would put the Prussians in a poor position, as the French could easily seize Hanover soon afterwards.

      An overall Prussian victory would pretty well put an end to the possibility of a short war, and may even see the French sue for peace.

      A draw would see the war continue, and a possible French invasion via the southern route.

      The possibilities are endless .. which is one of the joys of fighting a campaign!

      All the best,



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