Tuesday, 16 August 2022

First the WiFi went …

I am writing this blog post using my iPad, which is connected to the Internet via a hotspot using my iPhone. My iPhone is working on 3G. It appears that the sudden change in the weather (weeks of drought followed by a sudden series of violent thunderstorms and torrential rain) seems to have knocked out by my WiFi connection and the 4G network.

It appears that technical problems have also affected other people. This morning Mark Urban (the BBC’s Diplomatic Editor) tweeted that 'Our @BBCNewsnight studio was put out of action by a technical issue just over an hour before we went on air. The team shifted everything to a standby studio 3 floors away and we went on air without a hitch – one of those nights to marvel at the professionalism of our team!

So, technical issues can even happen to the best of us!


  1. I remember reading once ( a long time ago) that someone was having trouble with their telephone line and eventually reported it to their supplier. An engineer came and couldn't find a fault by normal methods and then fixed it with a bucket of water which he poured on the ground at the side of the house where the earth lead went into the ground. It had been so dry that the earth signal did not make a working contact.

    1. Jim Duncan,

      That makes perfect sense! I suspect that the weather had more to do with the erratic service than it being some sort of technology failure.

      All the best,



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