Friday 12 August 2022

My Belle Époque project: Looking back … and to the future

The genesis of my Belle Époque project can be traced back to February 2021 when I began thinking about organising my PORTABLE WARGAME armies along the lines laid down in Paul Wright’s FUNNY LITTLE WARS. It gave me the opportunity to use some figures that had been languishing in storage since the mid-1980s … and the rest is history.

As the project developed, ARMY KEPI ROUGE, ARMY BLACK, and ARMY KHAKI were renovated, gloss varnished, and based, and eventually morphed into the armies of Burgundy, Schwarzenberg, and Khakistan.

By this time I had the bit between my teeth and began looking at the rest of my 15mm figure collection. Some of it was looking rather tired and in need of renovation, and I decided to use them to create more Belle Époque armies. To date I have added Sahel, Harabia, Stalbania, and Hyderapore … and I still have enough figures left to create armies for several more imagi-nations, including Zubia.


  1. Bob -
    With all this project, you're starting to rekindle my interest in my own late 19thC imagi-Nations - possibly in a second Blacklands war. I did some work on that several months ago, shaping the armies around you 'Balkan League' book.

    Damn - I think I might have just started a blog article...

    1. Archduke Piccolo (Ion),

      Now that is something that I would enjoy reading about … especially if the result was a second Blacklands War!

      I hope that I’ve started a small ball rolling …

      All the best,



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