Wednesday 21 February 2024

Military History Plus podcasts: The first episode of the newest series

Whilst I have been decluttering my toy/wargame room, I have been listening to the first of the latest series of Military History Plus podcasts.

This particular podcast is entitled WINSTON CHURCHILL – PT 1 – HIS EARLY LIFE and covers Churchill's life up to the end of the Second South African War (Boer War) in 1901/2.

This excellent series of podcasts from Professor Gary Sheffield and Dr Spencer Jones continues to be a joy to listen to, and I can hardly wait for the next episode to become available ... hopefully later this week!


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    1. Demitri Ioannou,

      We are moving home.

      As I wrote back in January (, my ongoing battle with my second cancer in four years, worsening arthritis, and scoliosis is taking its toll on my ability to do things like climb stairs etc. We have reluctantly decided to move to a house that I can cope with whilst I’m still fit enough to do so rather than when I have to move. We’ve decided to be proactive rather than reactive, and decluttering is part of our preparations.

      All the best,



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