Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Not a good day!

Whilst driving home today I had a road traffic accident. I had stopped because the car in front of me had stopped, but the pick-up truck that was behind me did not ... with the result that my car was hit and pushed forward into the car in front.

The damage to the rear of my car will take some repairing, as the bumper (fender to my American readers) is badly out of shape, and the tailgate has several large dents in it. A rear light cluster is also damaged. The only damage I can see to the front end is a broken number plate.

The driver who drove into my car admitted that it was his fault ... but that the sun had blinded him ... which is a bit odd as we were driving directly eastward, and it was late in the afternoon!

As a result of all this I am now faced with the prospect of having to make an insurance claim and being without my car for at least a week.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day!


  1. Ouch! Still, at least you're okay, and the insurance should hopefully cover everything (fingers crossed!)

  2. Thanks very much for your kind words.

    The insurance company have already agreed that the accident was not my fault, and I have booked my car in to be repaired.

    When I woke up this morning I did have some aches and pains in my neck, shoulder and knees, but Asprin has dealt with them. My left hand is a bit more of a problem as I seem to have done some minor damage to the tendons (they are a bit sore) and because I am left-handed this has been inconvenient rather than painful ... especially when using a computer keyboard!

    Still, things could have been much worse!

    All the best,


  3. Glad to hear you are basically in one piece. It is amazing how fast an accident like that can happen. One moment everything is fine... next moment CRUNCH!

  4. Hard luck old chap!

    My best wishes for a painless insurance claim and a speedy repair.

  5. Glad you're ok. Did you get checked out properly after the shunt?

  6. Bob,

    My sympathies. I had a similar accident a number of years ago when my Jeep Cherokee was mortally wounded from the rear by a GMC Surbuban. The frame was twisted and the Jeep was a total loss! Glad yours wasn't as bad and that the car is repairable.


  7. Hi Bob

    Sorry to hear about your traffic accident. Two points spring to mind.

    First, can you not get a replacement car whilst your car is awaiting repair? Give your insurance company a ring, they often offer this service. If not try the garage, they may offer a replacement car.

    Second, and more important, make sure you do not play down your injuries. Jan and I were involved in a traffic accident a few years ago, which was not my fault. We both felt ok immediately afterwards, then Jan developed a sore neck. It turned out to be whip lash, and we did get some compensation. However it was only years later that we realised how serious it can be, and she still suffers from neck pain. So take legal advice about your injuries before you accept the insurance offer.



  8. Thanks to everyone for their kind words.

    The first thing that the insurers have done is to organise for the repair company to collect my car in a fortnight’s time and deliver a loan car for me to use. This is excellent news as it will keep me mobile and I will not need to use the terribly slow public transport system to get to work whilst my car is being repaired.

    I have also had a medical practitioner give me the ‘once over’ to make that I have not got any long-term injuries. As far as they can tell, I don’t, but during the examination I mentioned the problems with my hand and they used a very simple but effective piece of manipulation that cured the problem instantly … which is why I am able to type this message without any problems.

    As to the chap responsible for causing the accident … well the good news is that he is insured (which means that my claim will not have any impact on future policy premiums) and will have to pay for the damage to my car and the car I was pushed into … although the latter may not bother to claim as a vehicle check by my insurers seems to indicate that the vehicle was probably driving around on ‘cloned’ number plates. Still, that is not my problem!

    Now back to a bit of normal life … and writing up my next blog entry.

    All the best,



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