Saturday, 2 May 2009

Operational-level Wargame Design 1: Why hexes? – A few extra comments

Having re-read what I wrote in my last blog entry, I realised that I had not made it clear how close the decision between using squares and hexes was.

I do like squares, and have used them before in game designs, most notably when I wrote SCWARES (Simple Colonial Wargames Rules). My discovery in the National Archives of the rules for the 1956 BRITSH ARMY WAR GAME – which are now available from John Curry – further reinforced my belief in the use of squares, as did my purchase last year of TABLE TOP BATTLES by Mike and Joyce Smith.

Had I not owned a large amount of Hexon II terrain, I would have gone for squares, but the thought of having to start building and storing a second terrain system from scratch – and my knowledge of what my wife would have said about it – made the pragmatic choice to go with hexes inevitable.

Mind you, if I ever have enough time and storage space …

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