Sunday, 31 May 2009

Wargames at Firepower - A photo-report

This morning I went to the SELWG (South East London Wargames Group) wargames show at Firepower (the Royal Artillery Museum), and spent a couple of very pleasant hours wandering round looking at the various games that were being put on, browsing the items on sale on the trader's stands, and talking to lots of fellow wargamers.

The entrance to Firepower
Whilst there I took several photographs, and these should give those of you who were unable to attend the show a flavour of what was on offer.

The Museum's main hall; this is where the trader's stands and some of the games were located

Another view of the main hall

A Wild West participation game

The 'Berlin or Bust!' participation game: this was, in fact, two games played in parallel, with the Russians and the Americans trying to capture the centre of Berlin before the other could.

An American War of Independence battle

A Franco-Prussian War battle

Fighting in the Bocage: the rules used were 'Flames of War'

An Ancients battle that used the 'Field of Glory' rules

A group of armoured elephants and cavalry advance on the enemy


  1. Jeff,

    My pleasure. There would have been a few more but the battery on my digital camera went 'flat' after I had only taken a few pictures.


  2. Great photos. I was there with my family so divided my time between them and visiting the tables. I still managed to get a game in (Berlin or Bust) and talk to plenty of fellow gamers. I've posted my pictures on my Blog if you want to take a look.

  3. Bob,
    Thanks for the kind words and great photos of the day. I should point out that the event was not meant to be a 'Show'(such as our SELWG Show at Crystal Palce) but just a day of wargaming demos as a bonus for the public who were attending the museum.
    Hence, just 2 traders in attendance (Frontline Wargaming and Harfield Military Figures). They are both local (Gillingham & Biggin Hill). Games were run by SELWG, Firepower wargamers, SEEMS, Dark Knights & John Kersey. There was also a static display of plastic models by the South London branch of the IPMS. My thanks to all of them for making it a great day of wargaming.
    Chris McNeil SELWG Secretary

  4. BigJee,

    I shall certainly take a look at you blog to see your photos of the event.

    I thought that it was a jolly nice day ... and one that I hope they will repeat in the future.


  5. Chris,

    Firstly, a big thanks to SELWG for organising this event (it may be small but quantity is no measure of quality and I saw lots of the latter on Sunday!).

    Secondly, if you want to use any of the images of the event from my blog for publicity purposes, please use them; it is my small way of saying 'thank you' to everyone involved.

    Thirdly, it is good to hear that SELWG will be running a show at Crystal Palace again. Any idea yet of the date when it will be held?


  6. Bob

    SELWG will be at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre on Sunday 18th October 2009. So far we have 64 Traders confirmed for the Show, along with a minimum of 20 display games. We have even managed to keep the entrance cost at £5 (the same price since 2003!!)
    Hope to see you then
    Chris Mc

  7. Chris,

    I am very pleased to hear this!

    I go to SALUTE to demonstrate games on behalf of Wargame Development; I go to SELWG to enjoy myself, meet old friends, and to buy stuff.

    I have missed the latter since the asbestos problems at Crystal Palace have forced it to be cancelled over recent years, and I have added the date to my diary and fully intend to be there!



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