Monday, 4 May 2009

Keeping a record of my blog entries

I have spent a lot of time over the past few days thinking and writing about the design of my operational-level wargame rules, and at various times I have needed to re-read some of my earlier blog entries to check on what I had written. The fact that I had used plenty of labels helped me to find most of what I was looking for, but some of the things I had written about in some of my blog entries were quite difficult to find.

I therefore decided to print off the ones that I though that I would need to refer to again … and then realised that I did not have an electronic or hard copy of any of my blog entries. I could not work out how to transfer a copy of my blog over to my hard drive, so I used the copy and paste function in my word processor program to transfer the text and images from all of my blog entries into a document.

I split the document up into two-month long sections, each of which has a contents page, and then printed it off. I then hole-punched it, and filed it into a large 4-ring binder.

I now have both electronic and hard copies of my blog entries … and have just spent the last hour or so looking through what I have written since I started last September. What surprised me was how much I had actually written, how many wargames I had played, and how many ideas I had had. It has also made me realise that reviewing your own work can be both rewarding, helpful, and fun, and I have now decided to make copies of my blog entries as I write them. This should ensure that in future I never have to spend more time than is absolutely necessary when I want to look for a blog entry.


  1. Let me direct you without preamble to a little (free) application called HTTrack... :o)

    ..I swear by it, and back up all my blogs on a two or three monthly basis using it...

  2. Steve,

    Many thanks for this. I will give it a try as soon as I can.


  3. This is funny... I started a blog because I did NOT want to have hard copies of my jotted notes about wargaming projects... I wonder how long it will take for me to follow your route and come to a complete circle! But then, I do not write rules, so maybe I can still get by, at least for a while...

    Good to know the trick to back up my entries, though! thanks, Steve!

  4. Adik,

    Like you my intentions were not to make a hard copy - or even an electronic copy - of my jottings ... but the need to look back at what I had written, added to the fact that it might - at some time in the future - no longer be available for me to refer to, pushed me towards copying the whole thing.

    What surprised me was how much I had written up until the beginning of May - it worked out at well over 100 A4 pages in 12pt!



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