Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Operational-level Wargame Design 5: Why use combat values for units? How will combat be resolved? - The missing factors!

Whilst re-reading my recent blog entry about the allocation of combat values to units and the mechanism that will use them to resolve combat, I suddenly realised that I had missed out one of the transient factors that should be included in the Combat Power calculation. The missing factor relates to flank and rear attacks and should read:
  • +3: If the attacking unit is attacking an enemy unit in the flank or in the rear.
I also noticed an inconsistency in two of the other transient factors that should read:
  • +1: If the attacking unit is artillery firing at a target unit that is an adjacent hex.
  • -2: If the attacking unit is attacking an enemy unit that is in defence works, inside a wood, or inside a built-up area.
I hope that this now makes a bit more sense as well as being more consistent in style and terminology.

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