Friday, 22 May 2009

'VOLLEY FIRE!' - a nice set of generic rules

I managed to read the copy of the rules that Ogrefencer sent to me by post. They are entitled 'VOLLEY FIRE! and were written by Nick Bouette in association with Irregular Miniatures. They are generic in that they can be used for almost any 18th to early 20th century conflict, and use:
  • A very simple 6 x 6 grid of 6 inch squares
  • A playing card-driven system for terrain placement
  • A playing card-driven activation system
  • A playing card-driven combat system
  • Individual figures for large scales (42mm and 54mm) and small stands of figures for smaller scales
  • 24 figures/stands of infantry, 4 figures/stands of cavalry, a machine gun/cannon, and a commander per side
They contain simple examples that show how each aspect of the rules work, and I found it very easy to follow. The rules also contain an option for using more figures on a large playing area (e.g. 48 figures/stands of infantry, 8 figures/stands of cavalry, 2 machine guns/cannons and a commander per side for an 8 x 8 grid and 72 figures/stands of infantry, 12 figures/stands of cavalry, 3 machine guns/cannons, and a commander per side for a 10 x 10 grid).

Like lots of seemingly simple rules, I get the feeling that they will produce quite subtle and sophisticated results, and I am looking forward to trying them out sometime soon.


  1. They are surprisingly subtle during actual gameplay and are very tactically challenging. I have a piece of lino that is gridded with 5 1/2" squares and is coloured with washy looking beige and terracotta shades that has been earmarked for this set. I am planning either the Sudan or the NW Frontier in plastic and in 54mm.......;-)

  2. Look interesting. Where are these rules available from?

  3. Captain Quincy,

    They were available from Irregular Miniatures but they don't seem to be listed on their website now.

    My copy came from Ogrefencer, who I understand has had them for some time.

    Sorry I cannot be of any greater help,


  4. Thanks Bob, I'll ring Ian and ask him to bring a copy to our show in Durham on 13th June. Smashing blog by the way, you've inspired me to start my own. I'll keep you posted.

  5. Neil,

    The rules appear to be very simple, but the subtlety is in the way things happen on the tabletop. I have run through a couple of moves playing solo, and soon realised that - like in chess - you have to think several moves ahead 'just in case'.

    I hope that you can get hold of a copy from Irregular.

    All the best,



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